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The Dogger Bank South (DBS) offshore wind farm projects are being developed for a shallow offshore area of the North Sea known as Dogger Bank, located over 100km off the northeast coast of England. DBS comprises two separate sites, DBS East and DBS West. Based on an estimated combined capacity of 3GW, the DBS projects could be capable of generating enough electricity to meet the average annual domestic energy needs of around 3 million typical UK homes*.

*Calculation based on 2021 generation, and assuming average (mean) annual household consumption of 3,509 kWh, based on latest statistics from Department of Energy Security and Net Zero (Subnational Electricity and Gas Consumption Statistics Regional and Local Authority, Great Britain, 2021, Mean domestic electricity consumption (kWh per meter) by country/region, Great Britain, 2021

RWE own both projects and we are currently progressing them through the development phase.


RWE is one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies and one of the largest renewable generators in the UK. RWE supplies around 15% of the UK electricity using a vast range of technologies.

RWE continues to grow its offshore portfolio in the UK, with 10 operational wind farms and one of the largest offshore wind development pipelines in the country.

The story so far...

In January 2023, RWE entered into Agreements for Lease for the two DBS projects with The Crown Estate, giving us exclusive seabed development rights for the sites.

The projects are progressing through the development phase. Offshore and onshore surveys began in March 2021, including metocean data collection and geophysical and environmental surveys. The surveys were designed after consultation with Expert Topic Groups made up of key stakeholders who we continue to consult with.

In Spring 2023, we published the Preliminary Environmental Impact Reports (PEIR). The PEIR process identifies potentially significant impacts resulting from the projects. It provides a valuable opportunity to consider and implement mitigations to avoid or minimise adverse environmental impacts where possible and to identify potential beneficial environmental impacts. We held our Statutory Consultation between 06 June and 17 July 2023 inviting feedback on the proposals and the PEIR.

You can view the information provided for the statutory consultation below:

Our statutory consultation

An introductory consultation was undertaken in Autumn 2022 to share proposals for the projects at an early stage and gain valuable information and views from members of the public.

In July 2022, we submitted the Scoping Report to the Planning Inspectorate who issued a Scoping Opinion in September 2022. You can view a copy of the Scoping Report and Opinion on the Planning Inspectorate website.

Scoping Report Scoping Opinion

Next steps

Responses to our statutory consultation are being considered as we develop the planning application and will be set out in detail in a consultation report which will be submitted as part of the application for a Development Consent Order (DCO). We plan to submit the formal application for development consent in 2024.

You can track the progress of our application on the Planning Inspectorate website.

Track our application

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