Supply chain

DBS represents a significant investment within both the East Coast and UK economies.

The projects will provide a wide range of opportunities for businesses in the supply chain across the entire project lifecycle, delivering economic growth to the region.

It may seem early to be considering potential suppliers for DBS given where we are in the development and consenting process, but engaging early is beneficial for all involved. It helps to maximise UK supplier opportunities and to facilitate supply chain growth for the benefit of any other UK offshore wind project that successfully moves from development and into construction.

Drainage works at Sofia Offshore Wind Farm (2023)

STEP Programme

If you work for a company within the offshore wind sector and would like to find out about potential opportunities to work with DBS in the future, or with other projects in the RWE portfolio, please consider registering for RWE's Supplier Transparency Engagement Programme (STEP). Suppliers that register are part of an open-search database, receiving project updates and regular opportunities to meet with supply chain managers involved in RWE's UK projects progressing through development and construction.

As the DBS projects progress, we will engage with businesses that work with and employ local people to make them aware of the opportunities available so that they are able to bid for contracts related to the project. And it is not just about businesses directly involved in the wind farm construction - companies involved in everything from hotels to transport and office facilities to catering all support the delivery of the project throughout its various phases of development, construction and operation.

Supply Chain Portal

If your interest in supply chain opportunities extends beyond DBS to projects in other regions or those using other renewable technologies, then please register your details on the RWE Procurement Portal. The RWE Procurement Portal is used to promote live tenders and process tender applications for those wishing to work directly with RWE (rather than as a sub-contractor). All potential suppliers must complete pre-qualification processes.

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